July 23, 2004

Grand National

You know what's annoying? Retro for retro's sake. Trying to make throwback seem like creative style. Besides the obvious Lenny Kravitz example, another is The Strokes. I'm not even talking about a lack of songs (see Fischerspooner!) b/c the Strokes had a few good songs. But that didn't stop the second record from being totally stale in its production. What I heard sounded lazy. What's more interesting is to take elements of the past and mix them up with current styles/techniques. Would you wear all vintage clothes or would you mix in something new? The same applies to music. Which brings me, longwindedly, to Grand National.

This is a great new group I discovered courtesy of one little mention by Arjan. Grand National is a super-modern merging of au courant dance/ambient music with traditional songwriting (does this mean I seek traditional songwriting values? Yes.). Reference points might be Phoenix, Air and Rhinoceros. The killer track for me is "Talk Amongst Yourselves" and the CD is called Kicking The National Habit (sorry Etats Unis, it's UK only).

Sadly, as of this writing, the website is under contruction at a crucial moment - they just released their CD two months ago this week- why close the site now? Here is another site with some information about them. When I find some samples, I will post them. Stay tuned.

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