July 29, 2004

Four Seasons in One Night

Last night was the Finn Brothers show and it was, not surprisingly, brilliant. They did "Six Months In A Leaky Boat," a rousing "There Goes God" and - thank God - "Four Seasons In One Day." One of the new songs, "Gentle Hum," gave me chills because they stopped the music and the audience hummed. It was a new song, but people seemed to get it.

Lisa and I were discussing Neil Finn's voice recently. It's always so amazingly strong live - it doesn't wear out, even though it seems like the kind of voice that would. I think he does get credit as one of the best modern songwriters, but people never mention what a great vocalist he is. 

Tim Finn was a crazy-man dancer and told a funny story about how he met a woman at the YMCA here (just around the corner from my work!) and promised he'd put her on the list, but uncharacteristically forgot to do it.  "Is Valentina here? Did you have to pay? Valentina?!" It was a good segue moment because Neil quipped, "I am sure she will suffer never" and then they played "Suffer Never," which turned into a Sonic Youth Moment.  They had a breakdown bit with all this weird feedback - they were all kneeling in front of their monitors fiddling to get the noise!

Here is (most of?) the set list, in no order, from Frenz.com . I will correct it when someone posts the proper one.
Anything Can Happen, Weather With You, History Never Repeats, A Life Between Us, All God's Children, Gentle Hum,  Won't Give In,  Luckiest Man Alive, Edible Flowers,  Nothing Wrong With You, All The Colors, Suffer Never, Angel's Heap, There Goes God, It's Only Natural, Weather With You, Four Seasons In One Day,  I Got You,  I See Red,  Six Months In A Leaky Boat/Pioneer.

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small squirrel said...

I second every word of this. It was amazing. I think I must have grabbed your arm in sheer excitement about 100 times during the evening.

Gentle Hum was breathtaking in it' simplicity and beauty. From what I have heard of their new stuff, it's as good as what you'd expect from them (Won't Give In seems like it could have been on Woodface!)

Tim was insane, but he's a talented man. I still picture him waving that tambourine, hair flying in all directions, hopping on one foot. The "Valentine" bit was v.v. cute.

Neil's voice is very strong, and even at the end of the night when he has to hit those high notes, it doesn't quit. You've very right.