July 11, 2004

The Desperation of Liz Phair

She's jumped the shark and become a sex columnist on Nerve (that is not a link for the workplace, FYI). Who does she think she is fooling? Does her new Avril-aged fanbase read Nerve? Regardless, thin Lizzy is no Dan Savage - her column tends toward this kind of statement:

One more thing: I didn't hear you say you loved him. If he's not doing it for you, get a different boyfriend. Find someone you can love, and the sex will be better

Yawwwwn. Someone on the Velvet Rope cleverly suggested that "the responses to two of the five questions on this link were actually written by The Matrix." (a bit of an industry joke)

1 comment:

small squirrel said...

She's not even Carolyn Hax or Sarah Bunting! I wish Liz would get eaten by a shark instead of just jumping it. She's sunk to doing appearances on Ryan Seacrest, for Christ sake.