July 5, 2004

80's Redux

BLUE NILE finally has a new CD ready! It's been ten years since the last. The new one is called High and is due out on August 30 on Sanctuary Records. Read a Scottish newspaper article about it here. If you don't know Blue Nile, do your research.

ALISON MOYET is also releasing a new CD called Voice in September, on Sanctuary Records, which my doppleganger must be running! I suspect it will be a stringy CD because it's being produced by Anne Dudley, who has done strings for everyone. This record mixes oldies (including "Cry Me A River" and recent Bacharach/Costello song "God Give Me Strength") with new songs. Her last record was her first in like 10 years and was really lovely. A good fansite.

PAUL WELLER has a new single in August that's a cover of "Wishing On A Star" by Rose Royce. It's form his new covers CD called Studio 150. His new website is clunky, FYI.

ERASURE (this is for Jason!) have a new CD called Nightbird (hello Stevie Nicks) and a new single called "Breathe" (haven't they already released a single called "Breathe"? Doesn't everyone at some point?). Anyhoo, the whole shebang has been delayed until January 2005.

I guess I should note that DURAN DURAN finally signed with Epic (not Sanctuary, who are wise to avoid this money pit). They trashed much of what they had been working on and are now working with Rich Harrison and Dallas Austin, which means this new record (due in October?) may be a pukey hiphop record. Attempts toward the trendy will fail, old men.


small squirrel said...

I am excited about the Blue Nile release. But unless the Alison Moyet single is the J.T. version of that song (giggles) I am not interested. No comment about Erasure. Or Duran Duran.

Paul Weller on the other hand.....EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! One of the best moments of my life was attending that concert in Remini with Daniele and Giuliano. Standing there surrounded by gorgeous Italian men, with Paul singing "That's Entertainment".....there's my happy place! And I love "Wishing on a Star" so this should be good!

J said...

the other Erasure's single with the word "breathe" (or almost) it was "breath of life",back in 1992