June 8, 2004

Song of the Week: Kings of Convenience's "Misread"

Go to this link (dead now!) and look for the Kings Of Convenience video midpage. I love this song - it's called Misread and it's from their new CD, Riot On An Empty Street. The geeky guy in the video is the esteemed Erlend Oye (the one who shakes the tree), who did a cutting edge electronic CD in 2003 (Unrest, with one of my favorite songs of last year, Like Gold). The other other guy in the video, Eirik, became a shrink in the time since the last KOC CD, but Erlend somehow convinced him to do another one. Lucky for us.

I haven't heard anything but samples, but I DO know that the new record continues the last one's cover art drama. Last time, as Eirik nuzzled his girlfriend, Erlend was almost pushed out of the picture:

This time (below) it appears that Erlend is getting even and exchanging a "knowing glance" with the girl, while Eirik preens for the camera. However, I don't think they are a kinky threesome, because the song is too lovely - like a Norwegian Simon and Garfunkel, with a bit of bossa nova. Did Simon and Garfunkel do threesomes?

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