June 16, 2004

Review: Keane's "Hopes and Fears"

I have been at a loss for how to describe what may end up my favorite CD of the year, Keane's Hopes and Fears, which I bought in England and played incessantly the whole time. But yesterday I found this comment on Popjustice and I thought, "That's it- the perfect review!" ...

Keane is the Bananarama of the milkman world...

If I didn't say it before, Keane initially comes across as derivative. As if Chris Martin had cornholed Franny Travis and out popped a pudgy baby Keane. But that's not fair. The CD also reminds me of Ultravox and China Crisis (a tidbit of the electronic) as well as Travis and Coldplay, but the songs are so good it stands on its own. Not a lot of hotness or hardness here, but this record is probably going to end up as my album of the year because it is so fucking gorgeous. Yes, it is actually out in America, so no excuses.

The whole album is great, but I will pick Everybody's Changing, Your Eyes Open and This Is The Last Time. A reluctant link to their website, which I find troublesome even on my souped new computer at work.

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