June 14, 2004

Review: Deepest Blue's "Late September"

Sometime in 2003, I was in a funky store and heard a dance track I liked so much that I immediately wrote down a few lines of lyrics on scrap paper so I could Google it. The song turned out to be "Deepest Blue" by Deepest Blue, an Ibiza dance hit that should have just been a one-off anonymous track from "A Ministry of Sound" club collection. But it was too good, so the creators decided to do another song and then another and now they have a lovely poppy Euro CD called "Late September" released in Europe and the UK in... mid June! (no US date yet)

That song turned out to be, perhaps, my favorite song of 2003. It never wears out. The CD is more of the same - one catchy, albeit slightly faceless, pop track after another. Both uptempo and moody midtempo. If you care about melody, this one's for you. Reference points, should you need them, are Chicane and Savage Garden; you can listen to samples on the site.

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