June 11, 2004

Moral dilemma!

I happened to have Vh1 on this morning and a song came on that I really liked. It's called "Happy People" and it reminds me of Stevie Wonder when he was great. The problem is a nasty one: it's by R Kelly! Blech! I have always been very democratic about where I get my music: there are no rules. But maybe there should be? Do I really want to support an artist who films himself peeing on 15 year olds (and then has the cajones to say, "That's not me!")? Anyway, Kelly is a brilliant PR person - the end of the video features people in different settings (bedroom, funeral home) dancing to the video as it plays on a TV. See, EVERYBODY LOVES R Kelly. Then he does something to guarantee success: he adds a "move to the left/move to the right" coda. Just the type of thing that will be played at weddings everywhere. Urghhhhhh. Of course, did anyone think about the shot of him popping the champagne and having it spew everywhere? Sadly, they probably did. email me

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