June 17, 2004

The Day The Music... Got Jammed

Minor tragedy struck tonight when a CD got stuck in my fancy CD Recorder machine - the one attached to my stereo system (vs. computer). This beloved machine has made a million CD mixes over the past 5 years or so. I may be able to salvage it if I can open it up, but I don't have my toolbox right now. Regardless, I may have caused Shaken CDR Syndrome by shaking it and tipping it upside down, etc. The cruel joke is that it happened while I was taking a song or two off a disc I wanted to sell - a hideous BRANDY CD! I know, I know... Anyway, pray my box that makes music.

1 comment:

small squirrel said...

If it dies are you going to re-release everthing it ever did?

OK, didn't mean to make light of a potentially tragic situation. Sorry. Hope your box feels better!