May 29, 2004

Tori Amos has a new concert DVD

I just bought the Tori Amos CD/live DVD, Welcome to Sunny Florida. When I watched few of the songs like Cloud On My Tongue or Precious Things, I remembered how amazing she is and how much she was a part of the 90's for me. Precious Things really is an estrogen version of Metallica - female rage in song. The version of Your Cloud adds some new words and is sublime. That's a recent song and a particularly lucid one- no gobbledygook, just perfect lyrics - Tori still has it.
There are two GREAT interviews. One with her (some of it verrrrry new-agey about sound "shapes") and another with her parents who are in her dressing room. Her mom sounds like her (vocally) and is v. cute. The daughter is seen in the video too.

The freebie CD has 6 studio songs: 3 were recent b-sides and 3 are new. The best of the new is Ruby Through the Looking Glass - a "gender" song that is gorgeous. Seaside is the best of the b-sides - I think it's about terrorism and those images are juxtaposed with scenes of her daughter playing at the beach ("I had to laugh when she gave sand a bath").

You would never know how beautiful Tori is from watching this video: she looks like her hair is falling out and she has a fugly dress for the show! But in the other bits she looks great - at one point she is standing just inside from the rain, asking for an umbrella for her shoes, which are pretty hot shoes. She also looks amazing in the "yearbook" part, but why so bad for the show?

One teaser: wait till you see what she does before she goes on stage. Some clues: it involves a makeshift altar; she gets on her knees and there's oil and candles and shit. The DVD makes much of the fact that she is part Indian, but good gravy Marie!

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