May 28, 2004

Bird poops in Cyndi Lauper's warbling mouth!

From the NY Daily News:

Somewhere over Massachusetts is a sparrow who apparently doesn't care for '80s rock. Cyndi Lauper was reaching for a high note during her opening number at Saturday's KISS-108-sponsored concert in Mansfield, Mass., when from the sky came a white glob of bird poop.

The fecal critique landed in her open mouth.

Showing more aplomb than Tippi Hedren ever displayed in "The Birds," the Brooklyn-born rocker wiped her tongue on her sleeve and kept on rockin'. The 50-year-old singer did kvetch backstage that a bird once plopped on her head while she was on stage. "My grandmother says it's good luck, but I think it's disgusting," she moaned.

Maybe birds just want to have fun.

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