May 31, 2004

John Frusciante new CD??!

It's news to me!! From the Record Collection website: John Frusciante recordings will now be coming out on the Record Collection label. There are six releases scheduled at this time, all expected to be out before the years end. The first of these is called The Will to Death. It will be in stores June 22nd and will be under his own name... John has been recording one full length album every month this year and would like to release them about that often.

Question: Will this be as good as "Shadows Collide with People" or will it be unlistenable gobbledygook? (see first week of this blog)

May 29, 2004

Tori Amos has a new concert DVD

I just bought the Tori Amos CD/live DVD, Welcome to Sunny Florida. When I watched few of the songs like Cloud On My Tongue or Precious Things, I remembered how amazing she is and how much she was a part of the 90's for me. Precious Things really is an estrogen version of Metallica - female rage in song. The version of Your Cloud adds some new words and is sublime. That's a recent song and a particularly lucid one- no gobbledygook, just perfect lyrics - Tori still has it.
There are two GREAT interviews. One with her (some of it verrrrry new-agey about sound "shapes") and another with her parents who are in her dressing room. Her mom sounds like her (vocally) and is v. cute. The daughter is seen in the video too.

The freebie CD has 6 studio songs: 3 were recent b-sides and 3 are new. The best of the new is Ruby Through the Looking Glass - a "gender" song that is gorgeous. Seaside is the best of the b-sides - I think it's about terrorism and those images are juxtaposed with scenes of her daughter playing at the beach ("I had to laugh when she gave sand a bath").

You would never know how beautiful Tori is from watching this video: she looks like her hair is falling out and she has a fugly dress for the show! But in the other bits she looks great - at one point she is standing just inside from the rain, asking for an umbrella for her shoes, which are pretty hot shoes. She also looks amazing in the "yearbook" part, but why so bad for the show?

One teaser: wait till you see what she does before she goes on stage. Some clues: it involves a makeshift altar; she gets on her knees and there's oil and candles and shit. The DVD makes much of the fact that she is part Indian, but good gravy Marie!

I have 3 million cable channels, but not...

TRIO, which is running Rufus Wainwight Live At The Fillmore on May 30. First, why do I not get TRIO and second, why did Rufus choose a channel no one has for his concert?

Meanwhile, a Daily Telegraph conversation between Neil Tennant and Rufus. Fun!

Albums to be excited about...

Supergrass's Supergrass is 10 - The Best of 1994-2004 on June 7
Bebel Gilberto's dazzlingly titled Bebel Gilberto on June 8
Badly Drawn Boy's One Plus One Is One on June 21
Kings Of Convenience's Riot on an Empty Street on June 21
kd Lang's Hymns From the 49th Parallel on June 27
Rufus Wainwright's "Want Two" sampler on iTunes only on June 29
Mull Historical Society's"This Is Hope" on July 12

May 28, 2004

Bird poops in Cyndi Lauper's warbling mouth!

From the NY Daily News:

Somewhere over Massachusetts is a sparrow who apparently doesn't care for '80s rock. Cyndi Lauper was reaching for a high note during her opening number at Saturday's KISS-108-sponsored concert in Mansfield, Mass., when from the sky came a white glob of bird poop.

The fecal critique landed in her open mouth.

Showing more aplomb than Tippi Hedren ever displayed in "The Birds," the Brooklyn-born rocker wiped her tongue on her sleeve and kept on rockin'. The 50-year-old singer did kvetch backstage that a bird once plopped on her head while she was on stage. "My grandmother says it's good luck, but I think it's disgusting," she moaned.

Maybe birds just want to have fun.

May 26, 2004

Quote of the week

"Van Halen without Gary Cherone is like a Cobb Salad that the chef didn't
whack off in." posted on the Velvet Rope

May 24, 2004


The new album I loved and played incessantly in England was not Morrissey as expected, but Keane. Hopes And Fears comes out here tomorrow - it's $6.99 at Best Buy! Keep yer pants on - I will review it asap.

Christine, is that you?

It's great that Christine McVie is releasing a solo record. We like Christine, but who is the girl on the cover of her CD??

May 11, 2004

She just slipped right in...

I didn't even know that one of my favorite artists was releasing a record today! How can that be, pray tell? Maura O'Connell's new CD is called "Don't I Know." I loves me some Maura, though her last CD was such a dud for me that I listened to it fully only once. Back with her good producer, Jerry Douglas, the songs on this one are much better, though I still have an issue (which surfaced on the crappy CD) with how her voice is recorded and mized. I think the idea is to have her sound intimate, as if she is whispering in her ear, but the end result is that she's mixed a little low and a little "flat." She needs a smidge of reverb, like she has in the live shows. If you don't know Maura at all, every one who loves country, folk and alt pop should purchase "Blue Is The Colour of Hope" (start with "The Blue Train") or "Stories" (start with "Half Moon Bay") and be mesmerized by a) the great songs written for her and b) her beautiful thick honey voice.

May 6, 2004

Poor boring Prince

An excellent article in Slate about the so called "comeback" of the Tiny Purple Man.

Coal miner's daughter redux

Check out Loretta Lynn's new CD cover! Oh my! She looks more like Sissy Spacek than ever. This is the one produced by Jack "Zellweger" White...

Listen here (NPR) for samples from the CD - I am fascinated by her voice. It makes me smile. How does she sound like she's 20? Start with "Portland, Oregon."

May 5, 2004

Q Magazine Reviews

Q Magazine has a database of record reviews online now. It's pretty good! Access it here, darklings.