May 6, 2014

Robyn: This will be a beacon when I'm gone gone gone.

Robyn, rocking a Bowie-esque mullet and bleached eyebrows, has just released her latest collaboration with her fiance, Max Vitali. This time it's a commercial for Volvo Sweden. It's typically beautiful and edgy and serene, all in a just two minutes, thirty seconds.

The Royksopp collaboration in the commercial, Monument, is my most anticipated song this year. I keep playing the snippets on a loop. In a short time we'll have the full EP...

Volvo Commercial

Monument (snippet)

Read a lengthy new interview with Robyn here.


Paul Snyder said...

DY.ING. to hear monument if full.

It's also my most anticipated song of the year right now. From the sound of it I think it's definitely "next level" for her. A bit of an evolution.

I seriously cannot wait.

Anonymous said...

xolondon said...