November 24, 2013

The Return Of Bright Light Bright Light

Bright Light Bright Light's new EP, In Your Care, is out today. Rod's back in New York now, finishing up an album for release sometime next year. I asked him if the new music was representative of what's coming and he said this...
...Yes, it's marking a break from the last record thematically and sonically... Well, the first two tracks are. Same Dream is a nod to the last record, and Movement In The Dark is a nod to my love of films and less "pop" production. But the beats and production are representative of lots of the next record (although there are some much bigger dance tracks on the record, and also some orchestral / piano moments). The next album is going to be more human, with organic instruments amongst the production, and a little more filmic - I hope!
The video for the title track is, by leaps, his most personal work. It's no coincidence in my mind that it's also his best video as well. As I tweeted last week, for me the takeaway is simple:  If you have the luxury of calling your mother when ever you feel like it, do. There is also a new video for another EP track, Open Heart, an Ian Masterson collaboration.

In Your Care, played acoustically over the past six months at live gigs, doesn't lose any gravitas in its fleshed out arrangement. The EP features the acoustic as well.

Rod is on tour in December, mainly on the West coast...

1 - Le Poisson Rouge, NYC - Scott Walker Tribute night [tickets]
3 - Bootleg Bar, LA [tickets]
5 - Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco [tickets]
7 - Dickslap (!) @ The Eagle, San Francisco [DJ Set] [tickets]
13 - Ferocious Memories @ Neighbors, Seattle [DJ Set] [tickets]

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