October 15, 2013

Autumn Mix #6: Agoraphobia

When Autoheart released their debut album Punch back in July, it felt like something was wrong. But it wasn't the music: the band honed this solid collection of piano-based songs for several years. It finally occurred to me that the height of summer was not the ideal time to become enveloped in what is really a fall album. The songs have a crispness, both musically and lyrically, and sense of sad romanticism that's missing from pop in 2013. And Jody's voice is unlike any other - he's a tight-jeaned reincarnation of a 1920's torch singer.

And so here we are, talking about Punch and this glorious track, Agoraphobia, at the right time. It's that simple. 

Check the swirling "I don't really wanna go anywhere" middle eight - so beautiful. 

Buy Punch here. It's worth your money.

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