September 30, 2013

St. Lucia's love letter to New York

St Lucia's Elevate, if you'll remember, was one of my songs of summer. Finally we have the video and it's perfect. A truly lovely visualization of such an uplifting song. And a love letter to New York...

So much integrity in this band. They deserve all success - when you see them live, you get the sense  they truly care about music, first and foremost. The debut album, When The Night, hits October 8. My review will be over at Idolator that day.

Update: The plan has changed. I'll have a short review on Instinct's website soon!


disko interruptus said...

What an absolutely fantastic album, Stephen! It was already in 'the shops' here in Australia, so bought the CD yesterday (without even hearing any of it; I took your good word on St Lucia).

It's easy to call the album 80s pastiche, though to be fair 'Elevate' does sound like every great 80s tune/band (even Toto!) rolled into one gem!! Being a teen in the 80s, 'When The Night' is swoon-worthy.

What is both remarkable and marvellous is that the last three tracks ('September', 'Too Close' and 'When The Night') are utter pop gold and need to be heard together for a total St Lucia experience.

All the best to them! Look forward to your review. Hope you heard traces of Kim Carnes in there, too!

Tez. X

xolondon said...

Those last three tracks are quite epic yes? The title track has SUCH a Flock of Seagulls moment midway through!

disko interruptus said...

St Lucia are getting a big push on national radio network Triple J here in Australia. Heard an interview with Mr SL this morning. Says his influences are Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Duran Duran and all things Nile Rogers from the 80s!