September 10, 2013

Review: Goldfrapp's Tales of Us

I reviewed Goldfrapp's beautiful new record, Tales of Us, for Idolator. Here's a snippet...
(Alison) Goldfrapp herself has never sounded warmer. On Laurel she even reveals a new voice: sounding almost submerged underwater, her register dips low, as if she’s transmitting an inner blues. In recent interviews, Goldfrapp has said these songs are narratives inspired by fiction and film; her sometimes indecipherable vocals enhance the music’s impressionistic qualities.
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disko interruptus said...

Now that I have the CD, have been enjoying TOU in all it's splendor! I love 'Thea' and the organic beat (that almost threatens to go off the beat). 'Annabel' is so much more poetic when you know the back story. This album is a grower, but the slow seduction makes you realise that through all the sonic shifts from one album to the next, the most consistent and powerful instrument is Alison's voice. Bravo!

Jason @ Electric Avenue said...

I love your review and think you nailed the concept of it being a perfect autumnal album. I was wondering if you had seen the Pitchfork review and what you thought of that. I believe that reviewer totally missed the plot concerning this album, and was obviously looking for more beat-driven fare (he also hates Seventh Tree apparently). Tales of Us has so much depth, but requires the listener to work a little more than usual at deciphering its narrative. Once you crack the code, it's one of their best developed and arranged records.

Where do you think they will or should go from here? Alison has always said she likes Cabaret Voltaire, and I would be intrigued at a real full on dirty dance record with long, trance-like passages (a darker twin of Erasure's self-titled album perhaps?) Maybe they shouldn't wait too long as Pet Shop Boys did with Elysium, as this is difficult material to tour onstage. What do you think?

xolondon said...

I predict more dance in the future, but what style is anyone's guess!