September 30, 2013

Autumn Mix #4: Not A Bad Thing

Amid the bloated 2006-fest that is Justin Timberlake's second volume of The 20/20 Experience lies a pure gem. Not A Bad Thing would have been an ideal comeback track for N'Sync, with its 90's acoustic vibe and sumptuous harmonies. I absolutely love this - it's been on a constant loop.

For some reason, Justin's chosen a very dated way to present this song: an 11-minute "album only" file on iTunes that chains it to a  Stevie Wonder-esque ballad. I need to get it as a stand-alone.


Mike said...

I LOVE this song too! Definitely stood out (and above the other tunes) the first time I spun the album. And I too have had it on constant rotation. Both closing tracks on the 20/20 albums have been favourites of mine.

Mike said...

BTW - here in Australia they are promoting the album by listing Take Back the Night, TKO and Not A Bad Thing. Possible next single?

xolondon said...

One hopes that will be a single, even if the LP sounds nothing like it. I just wish it were easier to get the track. :(