July 16, 2013

Song of Summer #17: Speed Of Dark

Emiliana Torrini's last release, Me And Armini, came out in 2008. I am still sent into spasms of sadness when I listen to that album's sharp-as-a-knife ballad, Bleeder. Since that time, she's been slowly writing her new music; a tweep alerted me that she'll release a new LP, Tookah, this fall.

The first taste, Speed Of Dark, is an outright slayer.  There's something about the rhythm that makes me want to do that Elaine dance (as in Seinfeld). Can you hear what I mean? It's like syncopated herkyjerky. The oceanic middle eight - at 3:27 - is a pretty serious Moment as well.

Tookah is out September 9. You can pre-order now from iTunes UK -
Rough Trade (UK) - bit.ly/13MoUbE or Rough Trade (US) - bit.ly/1aLzimB


Anonymous said...

I'm in love! Thanks so much for posting this and the Annie. Been waiting for something new from the both of them for ages.

xolondon said...

A good week for music! I wonder what else awaits us. There are three more days.

Anonymous said...

The sound is much more reminiscent of her underrated "Love in the Time of Science" release. Love it.