July 14, 2013

Song Of Summer #15: Jenny

Could there be a more perfect summer jam? Humor. Accordion. Island bells. Pure pop melodies. The mysterious Studio Killers - they are cartoons named Cherry, Goldie Foxx, Dyna Mink and Bipolar Bear - have released their debut album, the sleeper gem of the summer.

All you need to know about Jenny is in the first verse and chorus...

Jenny, darling, you’re my best friend
But there’s a few things that you don’t know of
Why I borrow your lipstick so often
I’m using your shirt as a pillow case

I wanna ruin our friendship
We should be lovers instead
I don’t know how to say this
’cause you’re really my dearest friend

Kick Kick Snare has an interview with the group, just posted today. This track is also my song for the week on This Is My Jam.

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