July 30, 2013

Up in '13: Cass Lowe's Birthmark

I first heard about Cass Lowe a few years ago, probably through the great singer/songwriter Judie Tzuke, and I've been following him ever since. Last year, there was a great moment when I reacted strongly to a brilliant - and seriously dysfunctional - Ronan Keating song (Love You and Leave You) and later realized it was not only Cass's song, but that his Keating has left his vocals on certain parts of the track. Crazy. Since then he's co-written for Alison Moyet (Remind Yourself and Love Reign Supreme, with his longtime collaborator Guy Sigsworth) and has a lot in the works for other artists.

Birthmark is his first proper solo turn. Cass says the track is based on a friend who went through a period of severe eating disorders that overtook her otherwise solid home life and friendships (she has since recovered). The video, directed by Daryl A., plays on the idea of a "perfect family" coming undone.

This is a long time coming, so a big toast to Cass for making it happen so beautifully. You can buy Birthmark on iTunes UK and iTunes US now, among others, and follow Cass on Twitter.


Mike said...

I first heard of Cass when I saw Darren Hayes mention him on Twitter and have been waiting for him to drop some music. Thanks for posting. Found this little gem of his too:


xolondon said...

Yes! Cass has been working hard for years!