June 20, 2013

Stevie Nicks, bewitching in New York Magazine

The best piece of music journalism I've read in a long while appeared in the June 19, 2013 issue of New York Magazine. Stevie Nicks, the Fairy Godmother of Rock, written by Jada Yuan, reminds me that strong journalism is not simply good writing. It's the (innate?) ability to connect to a subject so they feel comfortable enough to reveal themselves. Yuan manages that in this lengthy, funny piece. A favorite bit...
Nicks has been trying to feed me ever since I arrived but has almost no food to offer, because the only thing in her fridge are boring Weight Watchers–friendly packaged meals that a lady sends over every three days. “That’s how I stay on my perfect diet—I can come out here in the middle of the night crazed, and there just isn’t anything, so there’s no reason to even bother to come out here, because I’ll just be eating one of my meals that is supposed to be for tomorrow, and I don’t really want that, because it’s exactly what I just had today.” Which would be chicken, and more chicken, plus an ever-accumulating number of Jell-O cups and baby carrots; there are at least 25 baggies in her vegetable drawer. “How many carrots can you eat?!” she asks, cackling. “I eat one yogurt every single night right before I go to bed. It’s my, like, special time.”

photo by Danny Clinch

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