June 26, 2013

Song of Summer #9: I Remember

The state of modern r'n'b is so dire. Producer-driven "tracks" with formulaic hooks and bland lyrics. By all markers, I Remember, from Kelly Rowland's new solo album, should be that. Fodder. But there's something so smooth and drama free about this quiet gem. After the dire single Kisses Down Low.The spunky Velma figure of Destiny's Child has regained some maturity on this wistful song  Despite some auto-tune on the verses, her vocal soars on a few gorgeous runs (1:40 and 2:46) of (I remember) "when you loved me."

For the lovelorn. Sad songs really are my undoing sometimes, but I think - and I'm not alone in this - I like it that way!

Note that the audio above seems pitched a wee bit higher than the actual track, which is out now.
Thanks for this tune, Richard!

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