June 25, 2013

Song of Summer #8: Hustler

Josef Salvat is pretty much an unknown. Hustler is only his second single, but it's so sophisticated. Built primarily on a repeating piano line and Salvat's voice, it has a certain cabaret quality that takes me away. This is not your average summer jam, but sometimes we need a little comedown, non?

I've got the body of a lover
With a masochists brain
I've got the heart of a hustler
I'm playing a dangerous game
I've got a hustlers heart...


maja said...

thank you again for introducing me to fantastic artists. it was instant love with "hustler" and josef's got an amazing voice.

thanx! ;)

xolondon said...

You made my day Maja! Thanks for both reading and commenting. MUCH appreciated.

And if you're on twitter, chat with me!

DanProject76 said...

Just listened to some of the new songs on here and LOVE that Hustler song!