June 24, 2013

Song of Summer #7: I'll Be Around

For years now, Fleetwood Mac has been a go-to for indie bands seeking pop inspiration. The Mac did it all: folk, rager rock, tribal, hippie FM, AM dreamy, VH1 fodder. I always find it amusing when bands choose Tango In The Night as their template, as this very liquid Empire Of The Sun track seems to. It's not just a perfect merging of Lindsey and Christine's work on that LP - think Isn't It Midnight, Little Lies, You And I Pt. II. It's also one of the most melodically solid tracks on Ice On The Dune. If the soundcloud bellow goes kerplooey, try this link to youtube.

The whispery middle eight ("call out my name.." at 1:23) is utterly gorgeous. Get me to California.  

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Jason @ Electric Avenue said...

God I love this song. Good one!