June 23, 2013

Song of Summer #5: Stars

Each Take That boy has a role, yes? Little Mark Owen is the indie minded Take Thatter. [Howard Donald is the Hot Sex Take Thatter, but that's for tumblr]. Mark's voice may be an acquired taste, but he's always had a way with a solo single. 2004's Believe In The Boogie is better than most anything his boyband brothers have done. Now he's back with a fourth solo album and a new track, Stars, that deserves to be a number one hit, it's so grand and sweeping. Had Coldplay released this, that might've happened.

The album this song launches, The Art of Doing Nothing, is quite solid. Get it! Hard to believe our little Mark is now 41...

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countpopula said...

I love your summer picks! Never stop searching out wonderful new music! How do you think I find out about half of my favorites?!