June 20, 2013

Song of Summer #2: Hearts

I was lucky to see Dan Black and Kelis perform on the epic All Hearts Tour with Robin back in the summer of 2010. Black was promoting his multi-styled debut album, UN. Since that time he's gone silent, finally returning with a big candy box of a song called, aptly, Hearts. The first thing you'll notice is the Viva La Vida-like strings, but I particularly love Kelis' subtle delivery. She's always been a shapeshifter vocally, so I love the little details, like the way she clips the word people at 1:39. Not sure when we'll see an album from Dan - it's rumored to be called Do Not Revenge - but this track is pure summer pop.

and the cool video, shot in Paris, where Dan is based...

Apparently this is just the tip of the iceberg of his Kelis collaborations. He told CMJ this: "She had a place in the south of Spain, and I got a call that was like, 'Do you wanna go and write with Kelis?' And I was like, 'Uh, yeah!' So I flew there, and we just sat looking out at the sea. She’d lay on a sofa, and I had a laptop, and we wrote about 10 songs really fast, and she’s crazy talented."

Can't wait. 


Ward Mertens said...

How come this is not everywhere right now? It sounds like the hit of the summer. I'm ready for a new Kelis album.

xolondon said...

I totally agree, Ward! It's an anthem for beautiful nights. Do you like the other Kelis song, Jerk Ribs? I DO!

Ward Mertens said...

I decided to go to her official website after hearing this and heard Jerk Ribs for the first time yesterday evening. I like it on first listen.

I've been a Kelis fan since the start. I've bought all her albums, but I've never seen her live. I even avoided seeing her live because back when she started I read some awful reviews about her shows.

I hope, one day, she'll release an album with all the collaborations she has made over the years. I even like Not in Love with Enrique!