May 23, 2013

Who is BANKS?

Every year I am convinced they'll be no new artists who really slay me. And every year it magically happens. One that I'm watching closely now is BANKS. I know very little about her; there's virtually no press and she doesn't "do" social media. All I can be sure of is that she's from Los Angeles and is a "self-taught pianist, vocalist, and songwriter" who's signed to IAMSOUND.

She has one EP out now, Fall Over, of which the song below (my favorite) is the b-side. A new track, Warm Water, is produced by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and due out on May 27.

Before I Ever Met You is a heartbreaker - the line that really sticks with me is in the chorus: "I never I could be broke in so many ways." Her voice on this recalls Fiona Apple, but the more you play it, that reference fades. I love the specificity of the lyric ("You can keep the dog we trained") and the  way the arrangement builds and fades, at one point totally dropping out to leave her vocal acapella.


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