May 27, 2013

Braggadocio, it’s all too much

Let's just speak plainly: The artisanal disco kids are freaking over the Disclosure album. It's fine, but there's not one song on it that touches Romeo Rorschach, the new Microfilm single. The Portland duo has brought to the dancefloor a track that balances sneering spoken verses ("no humility, just drip drip drip") with a more knowing, soulful vocal by Magic Mouth singer Chanticleer Tru -

and it's brilliant. The twilight strings on the fade are gorgeous. Get this.

You can download it for free now at Soundcloud or get the full EP at bandcamp. The album, AggroPastels, is out mid-June.

Update, June 3: You can now purchase or stream a truly amazing version of this song on Bandcamp. It's the Pastorale Digitale mix, which lays the track into a bed of swelling orchestrals. A spine tingler.

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