April 20, 2013

Record Store Day 2013 and the beauty of a vinyl LP

In 2010 I celebrated Record Store Day by posting my fave album covers. That year I bought the vinyl version of Goldfrapp's Head First and I've snagged vinyl a few times a year since (in 2012, it was Pet Shop Boys' Elysium). I'm repeating the post today because there's something so pleasing about the vinyl resurgence. My fondest memory of record stores is the exhilaration of great album sleeves - especially big displays. Anyone who experienced that era might recall how you'd thumb through the racks, looking at artists you already knew/owned, as if one day you'd magically find an album you didn't know existed. In the process, you'd gaze at the covers all over again.

Here are some favorite vinyl LP covers from over the years. These used to fight for "display" in my bedroom, versus being filed on the shelf.

I actually have Grace Jones and Missing Persons framed on my wall.


Daniel said...

What's that phallic looking object in the Joni Mitchell one (by the side of the highway)? Never noticed that before. Looks stunning though.

xolondon said...

That's Joni's penis.

countpopula said...

The Grace is ICONIC. I personally love the Arcadia and Goldfrapp (the Bowie is cool but the album is his worst)! I actually sold a copy of that same Cher in my store today! For artwork, I like Pet Shop Boys "Very" (the orange spiky one), Suede's "Dog Man Star", and Duran Duran's "Rio".

Diva Incarnate said...

I love Cher's Take Me Home: it was Gene Simmon's idea, the Viking antlers need to make a comeback in her shows, the cartoon quality was really to do with her not being pleased with the colour of her eye-shadow and the whole thing needed re-touched to sort this, which I think makes the image all the more garish/striking/tastelessly stunning, etc.

I've always loved Hole's Celebrity Skin as far as album covers go, but have also spent hours staring at World Clique (Deee-Lite), Ray of Light (you know the one), and Gina G's Fresh! album had amazing artwork (never before has someone with such little talent been so spoiled rotten with such riches in material and visual).

Fitz said...

I have a trunk full of Missing Persons posters and artwork. Was so in love with her back in the day.

xolondon said...

Fitz! I'm coming over! :) I'd love to see that stuff. Take pics.