April 29, 2013

Too much is never enough for Vinny Vero

My power-pec'd friend Vinny Vero has become a discolette. He's not only writing and remixing music, he's now the vocalist too. Expect his single Be Free With Your Love - recorded with Swedish DJ's Drop Out Orchestra - to be the soundtrack of the summer's pride festivals and disco all nighters.

In the 90's, Vinny was a respected mixer for artists such as Pet Shop Boys and Tori Amos. Now he's come full circle with mixes over the last few years for Penguin Prison, Bright Light Bright Light and new ones for OMD, Saint Etienne and The Brand New Heavies due soon. Since I've known him, he's been the busiet man alive, doing DJ gigs literally around the world (London, Stockholm, Sydney, etc etc).

My fave mix is, as usual, Vinny's own - listen below. I first previewed it in his home office, dancing in his window. I suspect he may hire me to be his house go-go dancer as he hits the circuit this summer. Nine years of blogging may finally pay off. Be freeeeeeeee with your love, indeed.

Follow La Vero on Twitter, Soundcloud and via his music blog, So Hip It Hurts

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