April 13, 2013

I'm gonna keep on dancin'

Little Boots
.. it seems like it will be years until the Nocturnes release (May 4/5). To sum up where I stand: I LOVE the first three singles, Shake, Every Night I Say A Prayer and Motorway, with the latter being one the finest songs this year. New single Broken Record is a bit... makeshift? The chorus is repetitive and Katy B already has a slayer with the same name. In terms of uptempos, Beat Beat sounds better, with its uplifting chorus and bassy, New York indie disco vibe.

Now you can hear different samples (from the iTunes clips) on Pure Connect. My early faves are Crescendo, Strangers and Satellite. There is clearly a subtler sound on this album. Just because it doesn't sound full of bangers doesn't mean it's going to be less than excellent.

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