April 15, 2013

Lexy And The Kill's debut single

Lexy And The Kill are back with their official first single, We Can Dance Alone, and it's a bit of a stomper this time. You might remember that their amazing 2012 ballad Rope Swing. They followed that with another moody gem, Black Dog.

Last November, when I first wrote about the band, I said:
The quintet's sound reminds me of a bit of what the brilliant Rose Elinor Dougall did with her last LP. You never know how a band is going to stretch out after one good song, but all the elements are in place if they really focus on amazing songs. Lexy, who is only 20, has a voice like a smoke ring.
So far, it's sounding really solid. The single is out June 4 with a b-side called The Ballad of Love and Hate. Follow Lexy And The Kill on Twitter, Soundcloud and Facebook

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