March 24, 2013

Up in '13: KING with In The Meantime

Earlier this month, I posted on a new male solo artist named King. This week I am in deep love with In The Meantime, the debut single from a female trio called KING. Typically, it's the UK that's picked up on this group, perhaps after the wave of smoother female artists creating proper, chilled grooves (see Jessie Ware, among others). 

The group, from LA, are twin sisters Paris and Amber Strother, with Anita Bias. Their music is totally self made - no million dollar producers on board. Still, In The Meantime's smooth chorus reminds me of the heyday of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (see Janet Jackson, Cherelle and a million others). Note that they've caught the ear of Prince recently. Then me. And now you!

  In The Meantime is on iTunes worldwide


Ray said...

This is absolutely delicious.

Diva Incarnate said...

Sumptuous: her voice pours into that low-fi tranquil setting. It's like a 5 minute sigh, and I mean that in a good way. You know, I feel like Solange and Miguel in particular have opened up my senses to music like this - I honestly cannot get enough, thanks for bringing it to my attention. Shame The 'Other' King might need to get a move on... But I guess if Queens can co-exist on this blog, so can Kings (I'll get my coat!)