March 6, 2013

King: Need A Woman By Friday

King - aka Joe King, the guitarist for The Fray - is the surprise voice/writer behind my fave new pop tune, Need A Woman By Friday. Is this guy British? Amazingly not: he's from Colorado.  The track sounds like a hit to my ears... and we need a trombone solo on radio don't we?

Not sure if anyone will get the reference, but he reminds me a bit of Kubb, who released the perfect Wicked Soul back in 2005.

King is working on a debut album and has a brief tour of Colorado coming:

April 25: Bluebird Theater, Denver
April 26: Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins
April 27: Black Sheep, Colorado Springs
April 28: Fox Theatre, Boulder

Need a Woman By Friday is on iTunes



John said...

So good, and Matt Morris co-wrote. Same guy who co-wrote Cher's "Woman's World."

xolondon said...

I had no idea! Very cool. Did Matt Morris sing with Timberlake on one of those TV benefits?

John said...

He did: "Hallelujah." He released an album on JT's label a couple of years ago. Great guy, and lives here in Denver as well.

Kurt said...

"And we need a trombone solo on radio don't we?" Ab-so-lutely. ;) Good tune!