March 4, 2013

Fifteen Years of Ray Of Light

Sunday, March 3rd was the fifteenth anniversary of Madonna's amazing Ray Of Light album. To celebrate, I did a piece for Idolator, which includes some comments from Rick Nowels, the legendary songwriter who co-write nine tracks with Madonna for ROL, three of which made the final cut. Here is a sweet comment Rick made that I did not put in the piece:
Every night I would drive home with a new beautiful Madonna song playing in my car. It was a happy and very fulfilling time. I love all 3 of our songs on Ray Of Light - The Power Of Goodbye, To Have And Not To Hold and Little Star- each one quite different and each one very strong poetically and conceptually.
On Monday afternoon (Pacific Time), Idolator will hose a Ray Of Light listening session / Twitter discussion (hashtag #IdolatorBacktracking). I'll chime in when I can!


Ege said...

I really loved your review for this. I've been meaning to ask (and kept forgetting) but I was wondering how you would look on Kylie's "Fever" for the Backtracking series. The other review seems to be more focused about the time it was in rather than the music itself, and I like that yours was so focused on the music.

xolondon said...

Thank you! Re Fever, it's interesting. Some albums/songs are really hard to describe or talk about, so I might have trouble with that one. I just think it's a flawless, concise set of pop song. That said, I am over Can't Get You Out Of My Head!