February 1, 2013

Gold Fields return with Happy Boy

Australia's Gold Fields is one of my favorite new bands for 2013. I saw them do a powerful opening gig for St Lucia in December. They've got dueling drummers, so the sound is very big. At that time they'd just released an absolute pounder of a single, Dark Again (Lights Out). Now they're back with a lush curve into a sort of emotional ambiance, Happy Boy.

I love the bizarro structure of this song - it's like the choruses and the verses have been switched. Or which is which? It's got very few words, but the lyrical hooks seem driven by a dark storyline you're not quite privy to ("If I storm out of here / His face won't change"). And the violin threaded through it is gorgeous, Listen for yourself...

The debut album, Black Sun, is out on February 26 and up for pre-order on iTunes US. If you're into Friendly Fires, St Lucia, Empire Of The Sun, etc, you should pay attention to Gold Fields. The band also released a live clip for their previous single, the brilliant Dark Again


Jason R Fisher said...

FYI- The Portland, OR show moved from Mississippi Studios to The Crystal Ballroom, a bigger venue! I'm looking forward to catching them and can't wait for the album.

xolondon said...

We loved them in December. The drummers are epic! But tonight's show was not what I'd hoped for... I suspect it was first night jitters.