January 18, 2013

Suede: "Drama, melody and noise"

The past year has seen 90's acts return with mixed (to no) commercial success, among them Garbage and No Doubt. Now it's Suede's turn. Most love this Britpop-era band for their first two albums of sexually ambiguous, drug-laced, council house rock, but their poppy third album, Coming Up, is one of my favorite albums of the nineties. The lead single Trash captured them at their best - pure romance awash in guitars and gorgeous filth: "We're trash you and me, we're the litter on the breeze, we're the lovers in the streets." 

Last week they release a solid - and free - new track called Barriers, the opener to their album Bloodsports and their first new song in 11 years. Arrangement-wise, it's guitar rock, but lyrically it has the same kind of epic sweep that the best Suede songs have: "Aniseed kisses and lipstick traces / Lemonade sipped in Belgian rooms / Couldn't replace the graceful notions / That clung to me when I clung to you."

The first proper single will be the pleasingly titled It Starts And Ends With You. I'm hopeful for this album because it was produced by Ed Buller, who did the first three Suede albums. Bloodsports is due on March 18, a week after Bowie, who heavily influenced the band, releases his new album. Here is the tracklist:

It Starts And Ends With You
For The Strangers
Hit Me
Sometimes I Feel I’ll Float Away
What Are You Not Telling Me?

and here are my Top Ten Suede Songs
Europe Is Our Playgroud
Beautiful Ones
She's In Fashion
The Chemistry Between Us
The Wild Ones
My Dark Star
Metal Mickey
Animal Nitrate

What are yours?


Taffy said...

love suede...they provided me with several of my favorite 90's concert experiences, not to mention the amazing first three albums.
off the top of my head, and nowhere near my CDs, I'd choose
The Drowners
My Insatiable One
Animal Nitrate
Beautiful Ones
Stay Together
New Generation
The Wild Ones
The Next Life

countpopula said...

Hard to narrow it down as there are so many great songs. Here goes:

Still Life
The Asphalt World
My Insatiable One
The Wild Ones
Beautiful Ones
Europe is Our Playground
The Drowners
Stay Together (full version)
Saturday Night
plus one:
High Rising
AND one from the Tears (the REAL Suede reunion from a few years back):