January 5, 2013

And the word said "Hey, it's a brand new day."

Happy New Year to everyone. xoxo

Eurythmics Brand New Day, from the Savage long-firm video, directed by Sophie Muller, 1987

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countpopula said...

Brilliant song and video. Savage is still my favorite longplayer of theirs (and that's saying something since I wore out my copies of Sweet Dreams, Touch, and Be Yourself Tonight). "Beethoven" is my favorite video (all aspiring film directors should be forced to watch it), and the Savage video album is one of the best, and a template for Diva later on.

As edgy as Ms. Lennox was, I never thought she would put out a Christmas album I would prefer to forget (especially after the glorious "Winter Wonderland" from Very Special Christmas I), or make some rather dreary MOR adult pop. Once in a while she still hits on brilliance, but her efforts tend toward a bit lackluster considering the amazing talent there and the fire that once burned within. I guess it happens to the best of them. Still, her Olympics appearance proves she can still be theatrical, even if only a lipsync performance. What must she be creating next? There have to be 100 producers (some great ones too) who would like to work with her. How about a Richard X? Stuart Price? William Orbit? Paul Epworth? Greg Kurstin? Any number of up and comers with talent, but it needs to be someone who can give her a little bit of EDGE. Go back and listen to "Beethoven" or tracks from the first 3 Eurythmics albums and hear how far she has drifted.