September 18, 2012

You'll be my night light, watching over me

I played this song more than any other this summer... Jessie Ware: Night Light.

Night Light, soon to be remixed by Hot Chip's Joe Goddard, is big, big tune that allows Ware to cut loose vocally. It's sonically adventurous, with cello and cascading electric guitars. The middle eight delivers a song within a song and an erotic come-on: "Tell me where to follow, I'm happy to be told.I'm happy to be told." This is goosebump territory.

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disko interruptus said...

Stephen, I am in total awe of Jessie's album. I had a chance to listen to it in the best situation possible - cocooned in my vehicle last night, driving three hours in the rain, Ms Ware's voice and music totalling enveloping me! Night Light was so appropriate! LOL.