September 13, 2012

This Chatty Thing We Made

I did a chat/interview hybrid thingy with The Darren Hayes recently. Here's a snippet:

I am FASCINATED by celeb twitpics. Like “This is my breakfast.” But I look at their china or the stuff in the background we are not supposed to look at. When I saw your album “making of “ videos, I looked at the shelves and, like, flooring! lol

DARREN: See, isn’t it funny - you would be shocked how much I hide from the world though in terms of my home, my private life - the intimate bits. It’s always the same room and very restricted angles that I show people.
STEPHEN: No one can see that large nude statue in your sitting room…
DARREN: Oh that? That’s just Richard

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countpopula said...

This was a fascinating read! Darren always impresses with his down-to-earth sensibilities considering he has sold literally millions of records. It's too bad he's not more visible in the US now. While Lance Bass seems like a nice guy, Darren has arguably had more of a career since his former band's days. Maybe people didn't obsess over him the way fans did with NSync, but still...hopefully he knows there are those of us who respect and appreciate what he has done in pop music.

As always, call me also impressed with your ability to network and ask the questions we want answers to. Time for your own radio show perhaps???

xolondon said...

I want to do a podcast for sure!