September 11, 2012

Let the seasons come and go

Bright Light Bright Light just
announced his new single - my favorite track off the album - Feel It, out October 29. Extra great news that my boy Vinny Vero has done a remix for it AND that the b-side is the album worthy Good Times, the first song I ever heard by Rod.


1. Feel It (single edit)
2. Good Times
3. Feel It (12" Version)
4. Feel It (Vinny Vero & Steve Migliore Remix)

When I interviewed Rod for Idolator in late May, here's what he said about Feel It:

[Co-producer] Jon Shave and I wanted to do something with more club euphoria, so we made ‘Feel It’. I’d heard
Mykal Kilgore, the [wailing diva] voice on it, singing on a track [Scissor Sisters member] Del Marquis had played me, so I wrote some diva vocal lines and Mykal stepped in and added 3000% of fierce to the mix. The production has a little more tongue in cheek — like the opening piano riff nodding directly to early ’90s production — before it goes a bit darker and more clublike. So C+C, Technotronic, the darker sides of Behaviour by Pet Shop Boys and Funky Green Dogs‘ ‘Fired Up’ were the kind of energies we wanted to channel with the track.

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monkeydrum said...

Feel it is my favorite track from the album so I'm excited for this single release. Vinny's remix was the best one for Waiting For The Feeling so I can't wait to see what he does with this. Best of all, I love Good Times and it was driving me crazy that there was nowhere to purchase it before now. Yay!