September 5, 2012

All Summer Single: A mix

photo by artskooldamage

Summer is an enigma. You never know what it will bring. Kicky clothes, cool drinks, weddings, natural catastrophes, sex... and a broken heart that won't. quite. mend. This playlist is a selection of songs that work really well to tell the story of Summer 2012. My story, anyway. Like the Pet Shop Boys say, happy/sad in the sunshine. If you click on the song title, you can hear it. LOCK THE DOORS TIGHT!

Elton John vs PNAU Sad

From the very first second, the most lush track of summer. Elton's gorgeous young voice in a swirling, modern arrangement. My joy and sorrow-oh-oh-oh-oh

Van She Jamaica
Little dancing tequila bottles.

Two Door Cinema Club
The World Is Watching
not online yet.
Irony free, blissful love song. And that vocal just swoons.

No Doubt Settle Down
I love how weird this is: a six minute single with orchestrals and a dubby breakdown.

Untouchable not online yet.
Martina in her dangerously horny mode, trying to nail a holy man.

Summer Camp Better Off Without You
Peppy! Bitchy! "He doesn't want you, can't you see?"

Sam Sparro Hearts Like Us short sample
For me this was all about the lovely middle eight: "You are not alone" repeated over and over.

Azealia Banks 212
Happy dappy filth. "You do like to slumber, don't yew?"

Usher Numb
Very of the moment in sound, but soaring.

Chris Brown Don't Wake Me Up (Free School/ William Orbit Mix)
*ducks flying shoes* Everything from 2:00 onward nulls the effect of the db singing it.

Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It
Song of the year. It speaks for itself on every level.

Passion Pit Love Is Greed
Glorious - and sick - song.

Hot Chip Don't Deny Your Heart
The poppiest Hot Chip song! "If you wanna step, I'll step with you."

Bright Light Bright Light Feel It
Amazing (and remixes out in October!) "Just open up your lips and say you love me"

Niki & The Dove Somebody
The best Prince song Prince never recorded... maybe with Stevie Nicks on vox? Sounds blazing at night in the city.

Jessie Ware Wildest Moments
"Are you thinking what if... what if we ruin it all? My wrecking ball..."

Perseus Seychelles (Original Mix)

She sells seashells at the Seychelles? Slippery disco eleganza-ness.

Pet Shop Boys Winner (Andrew Dawson Extended Happy Sad Mix)
The one in which a disappointing song becomes, simply, a thing of sad wonder.

Cause And Effect Happiness Is An Alien (Ecotek & James Egbert Club Mix)
Random 80's band makes random comeback. Best played in the company of naked men.

Billy Idol To Be A Lover

An oldie that sounded amazing in the heat of 2012.

Florrie Shot You Down
Deceptively simple, this track is Florrie's most grandiose and gritty.

Jimmy Somerville Taken Away (Fred Falke Mix)
A massive comeback for Jimmy. That whipping percussion set against his ageless wailing. "It was good when I loved you, yes I did."

Scissor Sisters Let's Have A Kiki
End with a bang. This kiki is mahvelous.


John said...

I'm working on a post for that Usher track...COMPLETELY caught me off guard. Bookmarking this page so I can pull this playlist together later. Brilliant, as always.

countpopula said...

Excellent list! Songs I fell in love with this summer:

Cut the World--Antony & the Johnsons
Some Dandruff on Your Shoulder--Jens Lekman
State of Dreaming--Marina & the Diamonds
When I Was Seventeen--Saint Etienne
Invisible--Pet Shop Boys
Every Single Night--Fiona Apple
Don't Stare at the Sun--Richard Hawley

Totally agree about the Stars and Hot Chip songs. Also, because of your recommendations I bought Van She and Bright Light, both excellent. I am really loving that Niki & the Dove song in particular as well--I wake up humming it in the morning! People I've played it for say the same things referencing Prince and Stevie. The Passion Pit album took me completely by surprise as I was prepared to hate it--quite the opposite--lots of good songs. Dragonette sounds great from the clips but may get completely lost in the Return of No Doubt Machine (I hope not, but I'm liking what I hear there too).

It has been a rather depressing summer from a personal standpoint, I am sorry to say. Lots of breakups and lost hopes. Thank God for the music. It's my therapy.

By the way, there was an Elton/Pnau concert running on Palladia the other night. It just didn't work as a show, mainly due to Elton. Good album though.

Mike Killmon said...