August 8, 2012

Alpines: I've been a fool for you

Alpines have just finished shooting videos for Chances and Got Me Wrong, from their upcoming 4-track EP, Early Hours (out October 8). You can watch Chances below, or in a larger format on my tumblr. If you don't know their earlier singles Empires and Cocoon, now is the time - just click on the Alpines tag at the end of this post. The sound is huge and emotional (think Bjork, Homogenic era), and the videos are always crisp visual killers. Each project they do has a satisfying economy to it - every element in its place, no frills.

I am hoping this signals an album before the end of the year, but I wonder if it's more likely we'll have to wait until early 2013. In the meantime, read lead singer Catherine's blog.

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John said...

Stunning. Love it!