August 3, 2012

Alphabeat "jump on in"

Alphabeat is very very happy! Love Sea, their new single, is being teased now - it's out August 13th and it has their trademark bubbly, trapped-in-a-happier-era sound. I like this one better than Vacation, which (I confess) did nothing for me.


John said...

I hear this, and it just reinforces that they are starting to sound like the music on a kids show where they have a band. Simplistic lyrics with admittedly catchy hooks. "Great Space Coaster" came to mind.

xolondon said...

Feel like they need a producer who pushes them more. Maybe the LP will have some surprises?

countpopula said...

This is...OK. I guess it's what the masses must want after the 90's record didn't do so hot. Shame, really, as I liked that sound a little more. Maybe the album will have a mix of both.