July 10, 2012

Timeless: A new official Killers photo

Like sands through the hourglass, it's time for a new Killers album campaign. The band released a new image recently for the launch of their latest single, the very Killers-y (which means "The Boss"-y) Runaways. I cannot help but a make a few comments about the visage of our beloved American icon La Fleur, who seems to be aging in an alternate aesthetic plane from his band mates...

1) LaFleur, 31, looks simply ecstatic in the photo! He is smiling lovingly, though you cannot quite tell due to all the botox. In fact, he looks a bit deer/headlights. Either that or he's had a Hollywood lobotomy.

2) His solo album campaign was notable for a shiny new set of chompers. This time out, it seems like his hairline is suspiciously strong. Maybe not.. or maybe he hangs with Chris Martin. No judgment!

3) Finally, what we all know: Brandon has some serious (and well preserved) gayface. Yet he is the padre of like 20 teeny Vegas Mormons. Modern rockers are full of metrosexual contradictions, but I can still dream that one day he steps out from behind that damned lopsided K sign and screams "Cheers queers!"

Thank you, Chartrigger for sending me this photo. You are even older than Brandon and have allowed yourself to actually look your age. hugz. xx Brandon Flowers


John said...

Funny -- I saw the photo first and thought, "Wow, Brandon sure looks, um, different." Probably the first time I didn't find myself so drawn to him.

And then I read your post. Hilarious, and totally on point as per usual.

xolondon said...

My meanest post in ages. I feel a wee bit guilty!

Tim said...


He's piling clothes high against the closet door because he's been talking to Ted Casablanca.

xolondon said...

LOL. I like Brandon. He just needs to get some dick.

Anonymous said...

What's a gayface? Gay people and straight people don't look different. Why does it matter what someone's sexual orientation is? I could care less. I hate all these stereotypes. I just hope the new album is great because I love the Killers?
It's not like even if he was gay, any of you would have a chance with him.
I really hate the gay community sometimes even though I'm gay myself. So full of judgmental narrowminded, superficial people.

xolondon said...

You can dislike me, no problem, but I am not the "gay community." Take your gay self loathing elsewhere, you windbag. x