July 1, 2012

Q2: Open up your lips and say you love me

I used to use those exact cassettes all the time for these kinds of mixes. Sigh. In no order, here are my Top Songs for the second "quarter" of 2012. The forecast looked bleak but we did get some great tunes. You can hear/see these by clicking on the title...

Bright Light Bright Light Feel It
Marina & The Diamonds Power & Control
Van She Jamaica
Usher Climax
R Kelly Feelin' Single*
Paloma Faith Picking Up The Pieces
Melody Gardot My Heart Won't Have It Any Other Way
Richard Hawley Don't Stare At The Sun
David's Lyre English Roses
Garbage I Hate Love
Missy Higgins Unashamed Desire
Rufus Wainwright Sometimes You Need
Ren Harvuieu Summer Romance
Marina & The Diamonds Hypocrates
Florrie I'm Gonna Get You Back
Yuna Decorate
Carly Rae Jepson Call Me Maybe
Saint Etienne DJ
Sam Sparro Hearts Like Us
Jessie Ware Wildest Moments

Song it makes me sick to love, for obvious reasons:

Chris Brown Don't Wake Me Up (William Orbit / Free School remix)
- and * I know, I know)

Older music I played nonstop: Active Child's You Are All I See

What did I forget?

Worthy recent albums: Saint Etienne, David's Lyre, Marina & The Diamonds (WOW!), Rufus Wainwright, Gossip, Bright Light Bright Light, Sam Sparro, Ren Harvieu

What's coming: Jessie Ware, Stars, Dragonette, Pet Shop Boys, No Doubt, Elton vs PNAU, Alanis, Passion Pit

Disappointments: Garbage, Paloma Faith

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Thank you for your note, Alexandre!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Surprised you found the Garbage record a disappointment. For me, it was one of the best records of the year. I suppose people say they didn't change their sound. But they are one of those bands that have such a unique signature sound, they can't really change and be themselves.

A disappointment for me honestly was the Gossip record. I don't get the fuss about it. I know Beth Ditto is this huge iconic figure, but I found it to be very generic club/dance music where every song sounded the same. I miss her old punk/blues sound. It seemed more genuine and more her. I love Beth as a person and her voice, but the songs on the album did nothing for me.