July 12, 2012

Please sleep softly, leave me no room for doubt.

Lianne La Havas is a puzzle to me. Her musical identity seems hazy... I get the feeling she is being marketed as the next Corrine Bailey Rae, which makes me want to run. This track, however, is far from what I associate with Rae. Released as a single in 2011, it was recorded with the young American folk singer Willy Mason, who sounds - on this anyway - a bit like Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon.

To my ears, No Room For Doubt is reminiscent of the very early work of Everything But The Girl (songs like Fascination). For me, it evokes a strong mood... sitting alone in a diner on a rainy English boardwalk, not a soul in sight. Everyday is like Sunday, indeed.

Lianne's album is out on August 7 in the US and now in the UK (Lost & Found is another gorgeous track). Masno has a Dan Carey-produced album out soon; you can get a free song, Restless Fugitive, on his website. Hear snippets from Lianne's LP below... I think it may be worthy.

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