July 13, 2012

I thought it was just the devil and me

Mara Carlyle is - ooh, I have to say it - as Shropshire lass. If her new single, The Devil and Me, sounds vintage on its opening chords, it actually samples an old classical piece, Vaughan Williams' Silent Noon.

The album from which this comes,
Floreat,has a complex birth story. It was produced and mixed by Hot Chip's Dan Carey back in 2007, but got caught in EMI label limbo before finally being released in August 2011.It's glistening folkpop built primarily on Mara's vocals mixed with bass, ukelele, guitar, flute, piano and some serious strings. Rather than using a Pitbull feature, Mara shares the song King with some choral humming from the Sunnyhill Galley Slaves Choir.As one does.

But it's The Devil And Me's sweetness that draws me in...

Lonely I was, as well
Through several shades of hell
All this time
What were you scared I'd see?
How utterly lovely you can be?
Oh sweet thing, sweet thing
Where have you been?

You only had to call
And I'd have run across the broken glass
Or fought back flames
Or whatever it takes
Just to be near you...

You may have a connection to Mara you don't realize - her song Pianni was used in a famous commercial in which 100 cats were set loose and lovingly filmed in an IKEA store. The Devil And Me video (above), shot in central Mexico, is beautiful.

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