July 20, 2012

A preview of Jessie Ware's Devotion

Jessie Ware has just released a mouth watering new preview video for her August debut, Devotion.

Here are the tracks previewed:

1 Something Inside. The last track on the album and my favorite of these snippets. Lush and layered. "Offer me something inside / A place to go, a place to hide." In the clip, she's at .. home? - talking and looking through records books (Just Kids!). Love how her vinyl is sitting next to Madonna's True Blue.

2 Sweet Talk. Ware has called this song "part one" to her first single, Running. It's a bass heavy, 90s soul-pop, a bit like a controlled Mariah. "You give me the sweet talk, and it works for me." In the clip, she visits the studio, but who is the guy? I don't think it's her collaborator Julio Bashmore.

3 Wildest Moments. One of the singles of 2012. In someone's glam backyard, haha.

4 Taking In Water. Another layered gem. Love the percussive elements and the male backing vocals. In the video, she's seen taking flowers to her producer Dave Okumu.

5 Running. Her first single - a broken beat classic that got everyone excited this spring. In the clip, still hanging with Okumu.

6 Devotion The title track is a shimmering beauty. I'd say it's a bit Sade, but I'm not sure that's quite right; Lisa Stansfield too. The artwork she's looking over is beautiful. Unlike a lot of recent albums, it looks like this will have packaging worthy of the music.

Devotion is released on August 20 on Island Records. There have been three singles thus far: Running, 110% and Wildest Moments. The album will have 12 songs along with a deluxe version adding earlier single Strangest Feeling, her cover of Bobby Caldwell's What You Won't Do For Love (a recent free download) and some acoustic versions.

Meanwhile, The Standard just published
a gossipy interview with Jessie. Another tidbit: Jessie did a blog while she was making the album late last year.


John said...

So by the time I got to the third sample, Lisa Stansfield came to mind. Not in the sound as much as the cohesiveness of the music. Devotion = Affection? In both cases a strong female singer with soul debuts with a collection that artists 10 years into other careers would kill for.

xolondon said...

I think she also has a bit of Maxwell in her arrangements

John said...

Absolutely. Is the album getting a US release?

xolondon said...

The singles were on track up until Wildest Moments, so I bet it'll start to slow down and she'll do a proper US launch later.